Ancient History students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull got a taste of the life of a Roman soldier today, as a Roman re-enactor came into College to deliver a series of demonstrations and talks.

Mark Hatch from ‘Tastes of History’, donned traditional Roman attire and demonstrated many of the tools and weapons used by Roman soldiers as he delivered a talk on Roman history, in particular how it affected Britain. He spoke about the Roman invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar and Claudius and the rebellion of Boudicca, all of which our A level Ancient History students are studying as part of their course.

Elaine Varty is Assistant Curriculum Leader for Humanities and explained, “This was a very hands-on demonstration, which really helped to bring to life the era that the students are studying. For many people, the ideas we have about the Romans come from film and television, but those depictions are not always accurate, so to have an expert in College to talk to the students about what it was really like was so beneficial. The armour, weapons and other reconstructed artefacts he brought with him will stick in the students’ memory and help separate fact from fiction.”

Students studying A level Ancient History also learn about the Ancient Greeks on the course. However, the study of Roman history offers the chance for students to get out of the classroom, given the Roman sites that exist in Britain today. There is an opportunity for students to go on a fieldtrip to Caerleon in Wales to visit the National Roman Legion Museum and the archaeological remains of the Roman fortress and baths in the Spring term.

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