Manor House School Girls Hone Their French Language Skills

July 27th, 2016

Manor House School girls don’t just learn French – they get the chance to explore Gallic culture for themselves.

Four days in Île de France and Normandie gave 33 girls at the Surrey school a valuable insight into French language, history and culture.

On day one the year 8 and 9 girls visited Monet’s garden at Giverny, around 50 miles from Paris.

They competed to take the best photos of the stunning settings that inspired the impressionist’s water lilies period.

Day two saw them soaking up the sights on a River Seine bateau mouche: Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Later that afternoon came the Arc de Triomphe and a tour of the Palais de Versailles.

Day three took them to the world of France’s great comicbook hero Astérix the Gaul.

Parc Astérix to the north east of Paris is one of France’s most popular theme parks with around 1.6 million visitors per year. The girls rode the new whirling Discobélix ride.

Day four: a taste of ecclesiastical history with a trip to Rouen to see France’s tallest cathedral with its 151 metre (495ft) spire.

Manor House School’s Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Catherine Peel, said: “There is nothing better for studying a foreign language than spending time in that country and speaking constantly with the people there.”

Manor House School in Bookham near Leatherhead offers highly individualised learning and outstanding pastoral care for 2-16-year-old girls in a smaller school setting.

The school’s next open morning will be on Saturday October 1 2016 under the leadership of newly appointed Head Teacher Tracey Fantham. Families are welcome.

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Bistro Art Gallery Space

July 21st, 2016

On Thursday 14th July Budehaven Community School launched the fabulous new The Bistro Art Gallery Space.

The Gallery space is an exciting new venture in collaboration with BAAM, where the School is exhibiting pupils’ work alongside local artists.

All work is on sale, giving pupils a real working experience of life as a practising Artist.

The opening exhibition was a celebration of Y12 & Y13 photography, alongside the work of local photographers, Chris Durant & Emi Thornburn. The theme of the first exhibition was identity.

It was a truly amazing evening, the atmosphere buzzing with a real feeling of appreciation and celebration of the arts. The evening was also a fantastic collaboration of the creative departments, with pupils from drama and music providing excellent performances.

Y8 pupil, Harry Goodearl created a superb background ambience to the event as a solo guitarist, with a lovely voice –very welcoming and enjoyed by all.

Y9 Drama pupils Luka Talajic-Sims, Isaac Guthrie, Holly Bakewell, Jemima O’Brien and Natasha Poole amazed visitors by bringing the painting ‘Room In New York’ by Edward Hopper to life with their discreet performances throughout the evening.

In total 11 pieces of Photography (all pupils’ work), which was fantastic & underlines the incredible talent of students at Budehaven.

Teacher, Rachel Miller says: “It’s these moments when we see pupils’ efforts & ambitions realised that makes us so very proud to be a part of Budehaven Community School.  Overall, it was great to work as a team and celebrate pupil’s achievements, bringing Drama, Music & Art together. Thank you to everyone who made this evening so special”.