Saint Paul’s Pupils Participate in Safer Internet Day

February 26th, 2015

Staff and pupils from Saint Paul’s High School in Wythenshawe joined together to mark Safer Internet Day, a national initiative to promote the safe and responsible use of technology. 

Digital literacy skills are key life skills for all children and young people these days: for example, knowing how to effectively search for and evaluate online content, knowing how to protect personal information and reputation, respecting copyright and intellectual property, and knowing where to get help if problems are encountered. Saint Paul’s wants its pupils to develop these skills, and continually looks for opportunities across the curriculum to reinforce online safety messages. 

The pupils were given some valuable advice for keeping safe on the internet by boy band ‘In Hindsight’. As well as performing some of their recently released tracks, the band members were in school to warn learners about the risks of cyber-bullying and its effects. They gave out lots of tips about things to do and not to do when online and also held a question and answer session on the subject. 

The band said: “Just a few years ago we were at school, so we have been in your position before. We know exactly what pressures you are under and what you go through at school; what we’re here to do today is to help you guys make the right decisions in life, and to stay safe online.” 

Mrs Claire Hunt, Assistant Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s, said: “Today the online world is very much part of children’s lives; technology is embedded in every aspect of their lives whether it is work or play. They are growing up in a digital world and we want to promote the safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones. It is important to teach the pupils about best practice, safety and personal responsibility.” 

“New digital technologies offer a wealth of opportunities for children and young people – they can learn, create and communicate in a myriad of ways,” explained Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “As a school, we work hard to promote good behaviour online. We have a responsibility to keep or pupils safe and this includes helping them to use new digital technologies safely and responsibly, wherever and whenever they go online.” 


February 26th, 2015

Collingwood’s large student population comprises some 10% who have some Asian background, and has recently celebrated the culture of these students in ‘Asian Week’.  

This involved both major College assembly and lunchtime events, and some re-arranging of the curriculum to demonstrate to the student population the effect that Asian culture has on the College community.  Frequent visitors to the College in the week were Sgt Khobindra and soldiers from the Gurkha regiment at RMAS, who talked about life as a Gurkha soldier in the British Army, and demonstrated the terrific Kukri Dance.  Other assembly performances came from student dance groups performing Nepalese, Indian and Korean pieces to warm applause from staff and students alike.   

Meanwhile World-Cup style cricket sessions took place in the Sports Hall, and the Food Technology staff fed tasters of Asian food to over 100 students one lunchtime. 

In lessons, the theme continued. Geography took a look at the Everest trail, History studied India as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’, in Drama, the ‘Gurkha Prayer’ was said in class.  There were Chinese dragons in Art and, in the Languages Department, Asian students were successfully taught words of Urdu, Bengali, Nepalese and other languages to their classmates.  The Asian Week Prize Quiz was also a great hit with students. 

On the final day of Asian Week many students brought colour to the College by wearing national costume. 

Alisha Magar, a Year 9 student who starred in the dance performances, said “I really loved performing Nepalese and Hindi dances in Assembly, and we’d been practising for many weeks”.  Mr Bunter, MFL teacher, who co-ordinated the Asian Week events said: Staff find it very important to share and develop other cultures amongst the College, and there has been an enthusiastic response from the whole College community.  Collingwood is a proud recipient of the British Council’s International School Award, and it is events like this which maintain the College’s international outlook”. 

Mr Bunter – MFL Department and International Schools Co-ordinator